To be a Geek or not to Be!

They say that people that like maths and/or programming are too anti-social, too much of nerds, too much of not normal! Well I think or I hope that this opinion is not 100% realistic at the moment.

For example, I went to Portugal last year without even an ipad with me! I had five of the best days in my life there, visiting museums and art galleries up to drinking a bit too much great Porto! (their famous wine). However, this and a lot more trips and night outs, do not change anything on how people see me. I believe it is because we show different aspects of our character and routine to different people, but yet again that does not make me feel complete.

I am always thinking some questions that exist in my mind, since I was 12!

  1. I love to travel, and I love to code what does that make me?
  2. I like to go out and dance till morning hours and I like to stay home and play League of Legends all night!
  3. I like to go to university and get 100% on maths exam and I love to stay home and paint all day.
  4. I will go to university or to work without makeup or ironed cloths, but I will wear fancy dresses and makeup going out at night or whilst traveling.

Therefore, what does all the above make me; a geek or a normal person? Hmm, but what is a normal person and how defines it?

And after all why do people need to know?

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