Notes from academic paper: The Role of E-Prescribing in Health Care

This is an important paper

‘Electronic prescription’. ‘e-prescription’ or ‘e-prescribing’
is a computer based application which utilizes the internet to create, broadcast and fill out a medical prescription form. It has taken the place of paper based prescription or fax based prescriptions.

The purpose of this latest technology in the medical field is
to provide patients with an efficient, safe and time saving mode of administering prescriptions. This technology directly transmits the prescription to the pharmacist ensuring there are no errors in understanding the prescribed drug. The use of e? prescription also ensures better health care for the patients as it helps the doctors in many ways to diagnose and prescribe the patient more effectively. This technology has many options that help doctors like the option of providing complete prescription history and other medical conditions of the patients at a click and giving warnings and alerts to the doctor in cases of prescriptions that the system checks are against the medical history of the patient.

It ensures that precious time is saved of the physicians
clarifying their drugs to the pharmacists resulting in more time for the doctor to serve his patient. The purpose of E? Prescription is not just to help the patient but to help everyone associated with the medical industry: the option of automated refill request ensures that hospitals do not lack any necessary medications and their refill process is completed before time. The purpose of this technology is also to serve societal issues and in cases of drug recalls this technology has an option of maintaining the records of patient who were prescribed a particular medicine and by just a click all those patients with that prescribed medicine can be contacted easily and informed about the drug fall out. The use of this technology is not limited to patients and doctors only, it also serves the insurance and other regulatory bodies in assessing records of patients much quicker than the manual systems. In short, the purpose of this innovation is to serve many aspects of patient health care and other related issues at the same time.

Patient Safety

Patient security is important for the healthcare industry.
Adverse drug effects happen across the world on a daily basis, which is why health is an important part of a community’s budget.
E-prescription avoids errors which used to appear with
paper based prescriptions: e.g. a wrong drug or an out of stock drug, a wrong quantity of dosage, repeating medicines, exclusion of information or badly written prescriptions. Such problems mean the pharmacist must call up the medical authorities to confirm the prescription details. This delays the process of providing proper healthcare at the proper time to the patients. They increase expenses as well as time spent on correcting mistakes. Not all mistakes are noted, which may result in harm or even death. Most e-prescription applications have a built in ‘point of care decision’ which detects many errors in the prescription before sending it out. It asks the user to confirm about allergies, verify dosage precision and point
out out the possible reactions between the prescribed drugs before the e-prescription is sent out.


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