Digital health for cancer management

link to the course. Approx. 8 hours to complete

Cancers are becoming chronic diseases. Thus, learning to live better with cancer for patients and relatives has become another important issue. One of the major goals of patient advocacy is promoting self-care and well-being during the disease process.

‘Treat the person, not the illness’

106 Artificial Intelligence Startups In Healthcare

“it is necessary to implement evaluation proceeds in order to know better the potential valuable info about the patient involvement and also to define and decide methodologies and protocols to get better patient participation in social and in technology assessment, clinical research of digital health.”


“There are many applications that are out there to support sleep, resting, asleep, eating and also reduce stress. And some of them have tested in cancer. Why this is very important? We know that there is a link between lack of sleep and pain, fatigue, and psychological distress. All those are relating a very complex way but improving any of them can have a huge impact in quality of life. And thus, what is guiding many of the efforts that I’m going to show you in few seconds.”


Healthy People 2020 emphasizes the importance of health-related quality of life and well-being by including it as one of the initiative’s overarching goals, “promoting quality of life, healthy development, and health behaviors across all life stages.” It also was established as one of the HP2020 foundation health measures.


CDC (of the US) uses a set of questions called the “Healthy Days Measures.” These questions include the following:

  • Would you say that in general your health is excellent, very good, good, fair or poor?
  • Now thinking about your physical health, which includes physical illness and injury, how many days during the past 30 days was your physical health not good?
  • Now thinking about your mental health, which includes stress, depression, and problems with emotions, how many days during the past 30 days was your mental health not good?
  • During the past 30 days, approximately how many days did poor physical or mental health keep you from doing your usual activities, such as self-care, work, or recreation?


Patient compliance becomes one of the important issues during cancer treatment.

eHealth is boring, it is not engaging!

“We need to find ways to motivate people towards a healthier lifestyle, and that goes for everybody. Healthy people, people with cancer, people with who have already survived, cancer etc. There are many elements from games that we can use to find those personalized trends that can motivate to achieve a healthier lifestyle. For example, the social ties, your preferences etc. And there are many games activities we can take to the daily life so that we can get motivation for healthy eating, physical activity to remember those peels that we tend to forget etc. But remember the best motivation is not a game. We have to make an application and design application that even by playing, we are feeling healthier but also by helping ourselves”




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