Whether Simulation Models that fall under the Information Systems category address Uncertainty

  The slides for the presentation of this research can be found on the Slideshare link below:   Whether simulation models that fall under the information systems category address uncertainty from Elisavet Andrikopoulou

Novel Key Generation Algorithm Which Enforces Integrity In Resource Aware Distributed Computing Environment For Medical X-ray Images.

In recent years there is need for enhance security infrastructure for telemedicine. Medical images are often transmitted over not secure or trusted channels; hence the protection of those images is really important. In this work I attempt to combine a novel key generation algorithm that generates unique keys of sender-receiver fingerprint biometrics which are shared between the two parties using the S-MIME protocol; with a binary robust image watermarking technique, which implements a detectable and extractable watermark. The algorithm for this watermark uses the multiwavelet transform called “triple tree”, which does not need the original image for the extraction process. The proposed combined algorithm is implemented in C# .Net and it will be tested by taking a set of sample dual-colour x-ray medical images and measure the encryption, decryption time and memory required in resource-aware Distributed Computing environment.