Data gathering

We developed a data extraction sheet (based on the data extraction forms for qualitative studies National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) [1] and the data extraction chapter from the Cochrane Collaboration [2]), pilot-tested it on ten randomly-selected included studies, and refined it accordingly. One review author extracted the following data from included studies and the second author checked the extracted data. Disagreements were resolved by discussion between the two review authors; if no agreement could be reached, it was planned a third author would decide. We contacted two authors for further information, one of them responded and clarified the type of data that were presented in the paper.





1          Nice SCI for E. Data extraction forms for qualitative studies. In: A NICE-SCIE Guideline on Supporting People With Dementia and Their Carers in Health and Social Care. The British Psychological Society and Gaskell 2006. 66–8. doi:978-1-85433-451-0

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