Meetings minutes with 2nd Supervisor


I will struggle to build a case about compliance, so as PHR has an interest in patients perspective.

I can talk about PHR influencing safety, efficiency in care. It might worth it to use NHS PHR.

  • Focusing on where my data are coming from
  • What the data is going to investigate

It is a problem to get hospital data and an NHS ethics approval might be a problem, especially because it takes about 6 months to complete.

Software called pharmacy manager, is a patient medication record based on pharmacy, in which the staff manually inputs the medication each patient receives.

MUR: medicines use review

  • MUR is a service.
  • MUR is a compliance use intervention. MUR can help identify if the patient takes the prescription accordingly. If I go this route, I will have to interview pharmacists, Helena will be able to assist with that.
  • We don’t know if the MUR interface helps in safe care or not.
  • MUR: the patient has no relationship with it.

I can contact a few GP surgeries, find what software they use for e-prescription, then I can call the companies and ask them where and from how many practices is this software used.

Patient compliance is hard to be measured. Idea to measure patient compliance:

  • If I can focus the study between patients and their requests for repeat medication and give them a questionnaire.

The question that needs to be answered shortly is: What records are we going to look at?

Philip needs to do an UPR3 to assign Helena as my second supervisor.



Take polypharmacy out of it. We assume people with polypharmacy need more support but we don’t know for sure. Stick to chronic conditions.

They don’t understand what PHR is.

Keep the definition simple: a software which stores data which are personal to the patient. Explain there what these personal data are: health data add common examples apple watch

Think about how technology is accessed. Some people don’t have access? We don’t know. Look at parameters

For older people they say that they don’t use technology. But iPads almost everyone has one and the fitbits or gadgets that monitor heart beat are easily taught. Look at Facebook example, it used to be the coolest thing around and now it’s for old people.

Increase the motivation => look at patient activation

Clarify the global element of the study to them

Add in rationale: the availability of PHR the 5 years of the review – tech gap

Look for a theoretical model that aligns well and underpins the development of my investigation.

Action from gadget to human action

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