Thoughts for consideration

Main research question and key focus points:

What are the essential design features of PHR to help adults with type 1 diabetes comply with their medication?

  • Is there a connection between personality types and PHRs and adherence/compliance?¬†Will a different personality person react differently or comply more or less to their prescriptions and why?
  • After focusing on adults with diabetes type 1, we can investigate older patients with multiple conditions that take multiple medication.
    • Their reaction towards applications and wearable technology.
    • Assuming that millennials will be keen on using a screen – any screen for their management, what is happening with older people?
  • What can PHRs learn from the hospital systems? PHRs can help hospital prescribing systems and vice versa.


Make the above questions to comply with PI(E)COS


A systematic review will be conducted. The objectives will be:

  • To identify if there is a connection between participants personality types, medication compliance as well as the usage of PHRs.
  • To compare the differences on participants personalities with the differences on medication compliance and PHR usage.
  • Identify and compare the reactions of the elderly participants towards technological application and wearable technology, which can be linked to the PHRs.
  • Identify the key elements of electronic health records (EHR) and the hospital e-prescription systems, which may be transferable in PHRs and vice versa.


How can PHRs be personalized based on the patient’s personality traits to achieve better compliance?

EHRs help practitioners to give the correct medication dosage, to the correct patient at the correct time. What can PHR copy from EHR to assist patients ‘remember’ to take their medications better/ easier?


How can pharmacists/GPs etc. talk to patients according to their personality type to maximize adherence? Also what unique elements of the digital world is each personality type more keen to use? These elements could be included in PHR so it will make it more usable, thus more effective.

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