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Thoughts on literature review screening process

The screening process finished and resulted in the inclusion of 130 articles.

The following statements are my personal opinions, thoughts and generalizations of what I have read in titles/abstracts/keywords so far.

  • Medication adherence and literacy is a hot topic
  • Medication adherence, literacy and technology is something that I have not encountered yet
  • A lot of research in mental health conditions
  • Way too few RTCs so far I identified 2 out of 200 for further reading
  • There is clear link on medication adherence and patient behavior changes
  • A lot of studies say “technological interventions” without specifying
  • I decided to include the studies that I am not too sure about
  • Way too few studies deal with comorbidities/polypharmacy ( found 3 so far)
  • A lot of studies separate people like black/whites or Latino and poor or rich and old/young/kids
  • Clear link between technology and self-management of a disease
  • Medication adherence and Asthma has a lot of papers
  • Instead of saying medication adherence, papers say behavior change in the way patients live or take their medication. Is it because they do not explore just adherence or is it because they do not like the term and the implications of it?
  • There is a lot of research in similar fields with us in China.
  • Pharmacotherapy:¬†the treatment of disease through the administration of drugs.
  • There are a lot of PHR vendors in USA
  • Vast majority of the researches have 6 months to a year length
  • Again the researches do not focus on just medication adherence, but also patient’s other life aspects
  • At the papers that have abstracts from the xyz conference, meeting, whatever, I searched for the keywords “medication adherence”, PHR and “personal health record” in order to save time and not to read nice but utterly irrelevant abstracts